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rosh hashanh and Tzom Gedaliah schedule

rosh hashanah and yom tov halachot

Alphabetical Minyan List


Assigned Minyan List

If someone registered and does not see their name on the above list, please contact

If anyone in your registered party will not be attending, please let us know ASAP!



Late Minyan Downstairs Men's Seating

Late Minyan Upstairs Women's Seating

Attendees of the 10:00AM minyan should not arrive early. There will be no congregating in the lobby. Attendees will not be admitted into the building until the early minyan is complete, and the room cleaned. There will be an area marked off outside, to aid in maintaining distancing.


Congregants are encouraged to bring their own machzor, and take it back home with them in between davening. Shul owned machzorim will be available for members to borrow for the duration of the Chag and return after they are finished. Returned machzorim will NOT be cleaned until after Rosh Hashana, so please do not return them prematurely.

Rosh Hashana Davening

Congregants should say the morning prayers and Pesukei D'zimrah at home, until Nishmas. (Artscroll Machzor pg. 258)

Please click here to view the abbreviated davening plan in detail

R' H' Mincha/Maariv and Yom Kippur Attendance

We will only have 1-2 minyans for Mincha/Maariv on Rosh Hashana. 

We will only have 2 minyans for Yom Kippur, and therefore can not accommodate as many people as we could for Rosh Hashana.

On the following form, please indicate how many people, who are already registered for Rosh Hashana, would be satisfied just attending a Yizkor service on Yom Kippur afternoon instead of the full davening.


R'H' Mincha/Maariv & Yom Kippur Attendance Form

Fri, September 18 2020 29 Elul 5780