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Building Campaign

We are very pleased to report that work is progressing well on our new building.  The first floor, second floor and roof have all been poured and we are now in the process of installing the windows and preparing for the interior finishing. We will be giving our members periodic updates as to the continuing progress. 

On behalf of all of us at the Young Israel, we would like to thank everyone -- too numerous to mention -- that has been involved, and continues to be involved, in the overall planning and construction process, and have given so much of their time and effort  over the years. A very, very special thanks to all of our gracious benefactors, that have opened their hearts and given so generously, and without whom this project could not have become a reality.

May Hashem continue to bring us to the realization of seeing the completion of our Mikdash Me’at, and may we see the Blessing of seeing our dream become reality speedily.


Wed, October 23 2019 24 Tishrei 5780