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Daily Classes


  • Daf Yomi class by Rabbi Gidon Moskovitz - 6:45 AM Monday through Friday, 8:45AM on Sunday

Weekly Classes

  • Rabbi Moskovitz's Shiur on a mitzvah from the parsha, in  Sefer HaChinuch - 8:30 AM Shabbat morning
  • Women's Circle with Malka Moskovitz - 5:30PM Shabbat afternoon
  • Shabbat afternoon shiur - check  current Shmooze News for times
  • Lunch & Learn -  Monday 11:30AM 
  • Beis Midrash Night - Monday 8:00PM (During season)
  • Navi Class - Tuesday 7:30PM (Please click to view the flier)
  • Family learning - Motzei Shabbat 7:00-7:45PM

Class schedules may vary over the year. Be sure to read our most recent "Shmooze News" for current times.

Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782