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Israel Advocacy

Israel Advocacy Committee

To contact the committee please reach out to the board liaison, Mike Szafranski.


Sheryl Elias, Anne Gontownik, Mali Schwartz, Mike Szafranski

In addition to the Young Israel Congregation's Israel Emergency Fund, our Israel Advocacy Committee has spearheaded the following initiatives:


YI 1-A-Day 4 Israel WhatsApp Group

YI 1-A-Day 4 Israel is a WhatsApp group that provides a single action item a day. It may be calling out a group that sponsored an anti-semitic event, signing a petition, or thanking a government official for taking a pro-Israel stand.

It is easy, effective, and a great way to incorporate support for Israel and your fellow Jews into your daily routine.

Click here from your mobile phone to join! 

Alternatively you can email: or
with your name and phone number to be added to the YI 1-A-Day 4 Israel WhatsApp group.

You can also email action item ideas that you think would be appropriate to Anne or Sheryl at the above email addresses.

Important Note:
YI Acts for Israel is not for community chat. It is intentionally streamlined and uncluttered to easily complete One Action a Day in Support of Israel.


Prayers for IDF Soldiers

Click here for a printable list of names of YICBH family members in the IDF.

Please note to have names added or removed from the list contact the office.


Israel MicroMitzvah Project

The MicroMitzvah Project is about turning the Micro into the Macro. Individuals or families choose one “small” positive act, a "MicroMitzvah" to do over the next few months.  Like water dripping on a rock, the change is not immediately visible, but its impact can be felt over time. 

Each mitzvah will be posted on a leaf that will hang on a limb of a “mitzvah tree” in our shul lobby!

Click here to add your Mitzvah!


2023 Israel Chizuk & Solidarity Mission

Click here to see a photo gallery of our most recent mission trip.

If you are interested in joining us on our next mission please contact Rabbi Moskovitz.


Israel Emergency Fund

Whether it’s for food, basic necessities, and religious items for those called up into service, medical supplies for those injured, or funds to rebuild communities, the needs are great and will continue to be great. Towards that end YICBH has created a separate fund for those who are looking to donate. 

How much would you like to donate to our Israel Emergency Fund?


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