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Young Israel of Bal Harbour

             The Young Israel Congregation

Serving the Communities of Bal Harbour, Bay Harbour Islands and Surfside

Our SynagogueThe Young Israel of Bal Harbour is a modern orthodox synagogue dedicated to inspiring Jews of all levels of religious observance to enhance their commitment and dedication to a Torah way of life.

Our Shul brings with it a warm and friendly atmosphere, coupled with a respectful appreciation for the sanctity of a house of prayer. Led by our inspiring and spiritually uplifting Rabbi Moshe Gruenstein, our Synagogue seeks to reignite the flame of Judaism in the hearts of all Jews, through innovative programming, inspiring davening, and a   caring and sensitive environment, which caters                                                 to young and old alike.


building news


We are happy to report  that work on our new building is progressing nicely. The concrete for  first floor, second floor and roof have all been poured and we are now in the process of installing the windows and preparing for the interior finishing.  Our new building will, G-d willing, be a magnet to attract many more families to our community, as well as being a beacon of Torah, spirituality and inspiration to our community.

We will be giving our members periodic updates as to the continuing progress. May it be a Mazal Tov to our entire community.

May Hashem continue to bring us to the realization of seeing the completion of our Mikdash Me'at, and may we see the Blessing of  our dream become reality speedily.

Our community


The Surfside, Bal Harbour and Bay Harbour communities are blessed with four vibrant synagogues which all have one goal in mind, to create an atmosphere of Achdut were Torah and Tefilah thrive together with programs that fit every intellectual and religious level. Our community of course has a Mikvah and various Yeshivot nearby.

If you are interested to spend Shabbat in our community please call our office at (305) 866-0203 or e-mail Rabbi Moshe Gruenstein at

Tue, 24 November 2015 12 Kislev 5776